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Climbing Mountains. Building Bridges. Planting Seeds.

We have partnered with some fantastic NGOs and ethical organisations around the China. From organisations dedicated to improving the environment to working with vulnerable groups and everything in between. The one thing all these organisations have in common is that they are led by inspiring people who are dedicated to making the world better. 

Unfortunately, we have also found that many of these organisations are lacking in the resources they need to most effectively meet their goals. 

The Karstaway NGO internship program is designed to help provide those resources in the form of skilled interns. 

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Travel Agents Do It Better

Karstaway NGO internship programs start in Yangshuo where we provide you with the training, confidence and support you need to carry out your internship placement to maximum effect. 

All interns will live together in The Karstaway House during their pre-placement training in Yangshuo. Giving you the chance to make new friends and to learn from and support each other. 

Yangshuo is one of the most spectacular places, not just in China, but anywhere and we believe it is our training program in Yangshuo which makes our internship program such a uniquely wonderful experience. 

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Adventure Is A Way Of Life

During your training in Yangshuo you will take part in adventure sports and cultural activities such as: rock climbing, mountain biking, Chinese cooking and kayaking. 

All activities are led by Karstaway's highly experienced international instructors and are designed to help you develop a strong team bond with the other interns who you will be working with on your placement, to help you develop confidence and a growth mindset and to ensure your time in China is as meaningful and as memorable as it can possibly be. 


Don't just say it, Do it!

We believe you will get the most out of your time in China if you can speak at least a little Chinese. During your time in Yangshuo you will have Chinese classes every morning.

Lessons are held less than one 100 meters away from the stunning Karstaway house in a beautiful restored farm house.

All of our teachers are highly qualified and are always keen to tailor your course to help you meet your specific language needs not just in class but also during activites. 


Gain Confidence and Share What You've Learned

Our training workshops have been carefully crafted to allow you to benefit from our years of experience as effectively as possible. The workshop cover the most important areas of practical experiential education so that you are confident and prepared for your camp placement. 

A number of our workshops include afternoons working with local Yangshuo children. This gives you a chance to practice your facilitator skills with the support of your Karstaway instructors whilst also giving local kids the chance to take part in an international camp experience free of charge. 



Use Your Unique Skills To Make A Difference

Following your training in Yangshuo you will be placed with your host NGO. We work with a wide range of NGOs and other organisations all of whom have outstanding reputations and are dedicated to creating a better future!

We work hard to make sure your placement will be valuable for your host organisation and also allows you to achieve your goals. For this reason each placement and experience is unique. 



Apply Online

Fill out our online application form. Including a link to a 2 minute introduction video.

Our most important goal is to match you with a placement which is of maximum benefit to you and your host organisation. The more clearly you can articulate your skills and goals the better we will be able to accomplish this.  


Video Chat Interview

Once we have received your application we will schedule a video interview.  

The purpose of this conversation is to get to know you better, discuss your placement options and answer any questions you may have. 


Prepare Documents

Once we have provisionally agreed upon you placement we will then need you to send us your documents. These include two references, your criminal records check, your visa etc. We will assist you in all of these processes.


Final Confirmation

Once your application and documents have been reviewed and approved by your host organisation you will receive a final confirmation and a request for you to pay your program fee.


A standard 9 week NGO internship program costs $2500(USD)

Program fees cover the administrative and operational costs of your internship program and help support the NGOs in the most need of financial assistance. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about our internship fees. 



  • Accommodation 

  • Weekday meals

  • Activity training

  • Chinese lessons

  • Training workshops

  • Placement with a camp

  • Return transportation from Yangshuo to your camp.

*not included

  • International flights

  • Visa

  • Insurance


Take the first step towards this incredible experience by filling out our simple online application form.  

We can't wait to hear from you!

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